The National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau have advised of most up to date list of nominated inspectors for the Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme:

Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme – Inspectors Oct 2019


What is the Drug related Intimidation Reporting Programme?

Drug related intimidation of individuals and families is a serious issue in many communities in Ireland. Since 2013, a national programme has been in place to respond to the needs of drug users and family members who are experiencing drug related intimidation.

The Garda National Drugs Unit and the National Family Support Network, have developed programme and the Garda Commissioner has selected an Inspector in every Garda Division to respond to the issue of drug related intimidation. These Inspectors are of Management level within An Garda Síochána and have great expertise, knowledge and vast experience. They will liaise directly with their local Superintendent in relation to each individual case. Persons seeking the assistance of the Inspector in their area may contact their Inspector to arrange to meet with them either formally or informally.

An Garda Síochána in dealing with any complaint of drug related intimidation or advice sought in relation to this issue, will do so with the utmost safety and effective means in order to afford the person or family subject to the threat of the best level of security, advice and support which can be offered. Most importantly An Garda Síochána will deal with this issue in the utmost confidential and secure fashion.

An Garda Síochána will offer the following:

• Confidentiality

• Provide practical safety information

• Provide advice in relation to particular threats or instances of intimidation

• Provide information on appropriate drug support services for the individual in the family who is accruing drug debts

• Outline how to make a formal complaint, what is involved, what happens after and possible outcomes.